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Young IT company workspace


950 m²


2,7 m


Kyiv, 2017

We had to create the new office for IT company where its young employees could be happy to work and even to spend some free time. As it turned out, 950 m² is a modest space to accomodate 180 people in comfort.

Besides whe work stations, we had to organize meeting rooms, recreation areas, coffee points, bathrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and a hall.

Our task was also made difficult by the fact that the premises were the residential property, not a commercial one, so the bulk of budget was spent on redevelopment, ventilation, air conditioning and lighting.

The original appearance was very sad, nobody had great expectations. Now it different: brightly colored upholstered furniture, living plants and funny details (like Olk Manufactory carpet with Simpson portrait) really helped.

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