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Apartment Area

70 m²

Ceiling height

3 m



A house is not a film studio where pavilions are dramatically different. A house is a unified space, a continuum. It is worth emphasizing it by all means, especially in small apartments.

Our customers have the same tiles at the hall floor and at the bathroom wall, the spaces are stylistically united by rattan partitions and panels, but it’s hard to blame them for a lack of imagination.

In magazines and catalogues, it looks great when a host interacts with his guests in the kitchen and fries his fish simultaneously. But it turns out that many people are unprepared to accept the real kitchen island. They are afraid of placing a sink and a stove there, because oil in the frying pan and tap water could supposedly be splattered all over the guests.

That’s why in the middle of space instead of the island appears a stunt double of a dining table, which is terribly uncomfortable: with unpractical height and impossible to move. We are more than happy that the owners of this apartment refused to compromise and have chosen to have a full-fledged island in their kitchen living room.

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