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Apartment Area

1500 m²

Ceiling height

4 m


Kyiv, 2019

The office of Boosta IT company for 240 work stations is located on two floors of a business center. The building was not new so we had to get rid of the obsolete relics of the past: false ceilings, tons of plasterboard and metal-plastic partitions.

Open ceilings with exposed mechanical systems are now 4 meters high. The working rooms are arranged along the windows to allow natural lighting, with window walls in the meeting rooms.

There is a kitchen-dining room, coffee points, personal rooms for managers, 12 meeting rooms, a spacious reception with instagram photo zone, toilets with some hints of surrealism and a big transformer hub for lections with a total seated capacity of 60 persons.

The color scheme is dictated by corporate identity: dominant red with blue accents. Boosta has many educational projects, so we placed a pen-like installation at recepcion.

IT companies usually seek young candidates, but at Boosta they welcome professionals regardless of age. Vyacheslav, the link builder, is a grown-up employee: he appeared in the photo shoot as Superman, because experience and skills are superstrength but age is just a variable.

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