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Apartment Area

130 m²

Ceiling height

3,1 m


Kyiv, 2019

Our customers admitted they have a common passion for Swedish houses, with their space expanding white color palette, bright accents, wooden floors, cosy carpets and open balconies.

Elements of ‘rough luxe’ style are evident in juxtaposition of old and new: exposed brick has marks of old plaster, retro radiators are preserved, old wooden windows are substituted by new but the layouts are preserved.

In the bedroom, we have workspace and a wardrobe. A natural light in a roomy bathroom — we were lucky to have a window here — highlights a free-standing tub and abundance of light wood. A second toilet is bolder because of black-and-white solution.

The partition between the living room and the kitchen bringst industrial connotations to interior and permits to isolate the kitchen while cooking closing the doors. The study room is dedicated to the customer’s hobby, the music: there is a contrabass and a synthesizer there, next to the gorgeous antique mirror, where his spouse can do her yoga. Over time, a kid’s room can be located here.

The owner of the apartments decided in principle not to have a car but to move around the city by bicycle, so his two-wheeled vehicle is proudly showing off in the hallway where inhabitants are fortunate to have a window.

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