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Apartment Area

37 m²

Ceiling height

3 m



In this interior there are no trivial attributes of beauty salons: no medical sterility aesthetics, no aggressive marketing of skincare and no art copies on the walls with clichéd images of beauty.

Instead of hospital references, we meet with home comfort. False industrial references to nature are replaced by a living plant.

Floor tiles with wood-like texture magnify the effect. Alternative scenarios for lighting can be adopted for different skincare rituals.

With the area of only 37 m², our task was further complicated by standards: 2 cabinets should be at least 12 m² each, so there are only m² left for reception, waiting area, wardrobe, kitchen and bathroom. We badly needed a creative planning solution.

With special care we treated the bathroom: it’s a traditional calling card of commercial interiors. Dramatic wallpaper and ambient lighting emphasize that trust and respect are beautician’s critical tools.

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