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Apartment Area

85 m²

Ceiling height

3 m



Our clients had a standard Soviet heritage at their disposal: an apartment in Stalin’s period house, it hasn’t seen even minor repairs for 30 years.

Despite the modest space, the spouses asked not for a marriage nest but for a space to impress the guests. They wanted the interior to live its own life, to be easily updated by works of art, design novelties and antiquities. In common areas, Klein Blue is prevalent in the shades of the sofa, the dining table, the closet doors and the bathroom vanity unit.

The bedroom is our particular fetish: solemn off-black colors are combined with brass details in lighting and nightstands, rattan partition and wooden shutters protect sleep from city lights much better than curtains can do.

The main bathroom with free-standing bathtub and window competes with the bedroom in its size and eccentricity.

Paying tribute to the age of the building, we decided to expose the original brickwork in the living room.

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