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Apartment Area

125 m²

Ceiling height

2,6 m


Kyiv, 2019

This eclectic interior which Maya Baklan risked to design for her own family can be called ‘touching’ in emotional and tactile sense. You feel like hugging a tweedy sofa by Roche Bobois, petting the ‘Little Petra’ sheep-chair by &tradition and listening to the whisper of Verpan lamp’s iridescent mother of pearl disks.

The contrasts in the hallway are derived from constructivism: blue and orange remind the visitor of the basic colors from an old plasticine box. Floor-to-ceiling windows are borrowed from French style, the distinctive lights are Scandinavian.

New ‘guests’, from preschool crafts to travel discoveries, can easily fit into this eclectic surroundings.

To secure a space of 125 m² comfortable for 2 adults, 2 kids and a cat, it was necessary to combine two apartments, so the renovation spanned more than 1 year.

The massive soundproofing had a serious impact on the schedule too, and the fact that some foreign ‘guests’ took up to 10 months to arrive: we used no replicas, only original designer objects.

So the result is: isolated hallway with closet and guest toilet, main bedroom with dressing room, workplace and bathroom, kid’s room, guest room, kitchen and living room, and even mini-library with vinyl record player and a place to read.

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