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Term of development: from 2 weeks

Never over budget

We comply with the deadline set, even if that requires spending nights on site


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Unavoidable stages
and time frames

You leave a request, we process it within 1 working day

We arrange a meeting which lasts no longer than 2 hours

1 more day to sign an agreement with all terms and conditions

Site visit, measurements and photo fixation: 3—4 hour

Development of planning solution and concept, selection of furniture and materials: 2—3 weeks

3D renderings and working draft: 2—3 weeks

Architectural supervision and kitting during renovation: from 2 months

Decorating and photo shoot: 1—2 days

Urgent matters

We do projects that are not related to the same type of ready-made solutions, but absolutely individual - like a portrait, horoscope, cardiogram or a biometric passport. There’s no other one in this world like yours.

A surgeon will never promise to fulfil any whim of his client. There are striking similarities between our occupations. It may sound strange but you need a doctor's appointments much more than the doctor himself. A modest fee for architectural supervision is a great insurance from negligence and errors you could end up fixing on your own. Family members and pets often discourage us, the designers, from supervising the project, because this task is not profitable, not creative, it’s a colossal nervous tension, in a word, a thankless job. But any reputable self-respecting designer cares about his client and wants to make sure everything is fine on site. It is proven that an average designer does a more thorough job if he knows the architectural supervision is ahead.

We prefer full cycle projects, from drawing to photo shoot. We engage professional photographers who tend to have busy predetermined schedules. At least to meet the prearranged footage date, we finish projects in time, but it's also a matter of honor. We don’t get perverse enjoyment from the fact that you don’t live at home or cannot use your office because of our delay. We don't like to be late.

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Democratic prices are very subjective. We are dealing with figures. Our service is transparent and predictable, all the fees can be found on our site. Our advantage is that we really meet the budget. Only 10% of market players do the same. And if you are mystified by the fact that designer X rates are below-market, there is no intrigue in that. Either designer X has a conveyor approach without the shadow of any kind of individuality, or he or she makes a living alternatively, having commissions from selling you some inforced furniture and equipment. Feel free to compare it to a free visit to a beautician who will later chase you with ointments costing 500 euros per gram.

We don’t work with projects we’re ashamed of.

We’re not ambitious enough to provide names to styles but at least we have some modest hope to create a special style, a style of your own.

We skillfully combine designer chairs from the latest international expos with vintage dressers found in secret places or right in your home. Exclusive and mass market side by side is not a crime as well.

We can adopt any scenario because we know the pitfalls of each one. If you prefer your own nurtured group of professionals, the hidden rock is that your designer who sees them for the first time won’t find the common ground with a foreign construction crew at once, and therefore cannot meet deadlines. If the designer recommends his own tested builders there is a risk that the customer will think their fees are marked-up. We’re sure we can analyze all the traps and reach an agreement.

Designers are often considered to be incurable dreamers. They supposedly find some nice pictures online and put them into their projects, without any idea where to get all those crazy objects in real life. This paranoid idea infects many people. But in fact designers have specifications, dimensions, prices and contacts of suppliers. Their occupation entails realism. They offer you solutions not simply to say: ‘Oops, no luck!’.

It’s regrettable that the graduates of the so-called design classes discredit our profession and give many philistines the impression of chaotic creative individuals. Actually the designer is not only responsible for rhyming the shade of wall with the color of towels. Their areas of responsibility — functions, ergonomics, specifications — go far beyond aesthetics and taste. We care about so many things apart from your wall colors. We want you to grab a cup from your locker without a stepladder. It’s really important for us that you don’t sit cramped at a table and don’t stuck your hand into the narrow split between a cupboard and a wall in a futile attempt to turn off the light. It seems essential that you don’t use harmful paints in your kid’s room and don’t spend your money on the cork floors if there are animals in your house. Just apply designers practically.

This approach is not successful. Emptiness is not the thing we have to worry about. It’s far more important to understand what domestic solutions are lacking: storage for buckets, mops and vacuum cleaners, comfortable seats, or maybe decor. Furniture doesn't exist for show, it’s for the sake of our needs.

We won’t like it too. But nothing resembling that would happen. Design projects don’t appear like rabbits out of hat in front of a crowd victims. They are born jointly from our close and trust-based partnership. This type of connection is not suggesting that somebody doesn’t like something.


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Prices are not secret


Let’s talk about any topic that concerns you: from the choice of real estate to the correct distribution of the budget for repairs


Design Project


  • The planning
  • Basic interior concept
  • 3D renderings
  • Documentation
  • Statement of finishing materials and estimates

Project on a “turn-key basis”


  • The planning
  • Basic interior concept
  • 3D renderings
  • Documentation
  • Statement of finishing materials and estimates
  • Construction management
  • Statement of finishing materials and estimates
  • Final decoration
  • Complete project with furniture and materials

About us

It’s really good to know that you’re thinking about a particular design of your apartment, an originally arranged home, a really memorable office or a bar where anything is out of the norm. Maya Baklan’s team will take on discerning connoisseur’s interior — residential or commercial — with enthusiasm.

The result, by default, will be functional and ergonomical. But that’s not enough for both of us, so we’ll provoke you to invent nothing less than your own extraordinary style. We’ll stimulate you to avoid imitatioms using only original interior objects, from design icons to democratic items. We’ll motivate your choice of onorthodox, colorful, expressive resolutions instead of neutral and generally accepted.

We only come up with rational, realistic variants: we’re not going to consume your resource chasing a wide range of unpractical options.

We promise to be extremely attentive to your needs and wishes. Yes, we really appreciate reasonable amendments. Thank you for not being lazy to make them.

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